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Process development and upgrading of the line pair 3 Future students Tomi Tomi Future pairs 3B gave briefcase has many advantages and superior features. Success when introduced in large book fair Fahasa month 3-2014, school bags Tomi Future 3B were many parents and students attention.

The first is larger than the previous generation, enabling increased storage capacity by 15%, while ensuring pair width not exceeding their role remains whether porous material but there is a change in the weave hiding out on the fabric, increase the beauty of the fabric safety of children which first appeared in Vietnam.

Faithful Future Tomi style school bags 3 with three compartment zipper and closed by a separate set of Tomi lid. Especially the front compartment box was designed larger and more convenient, can contain both a raincoat or a few pen box. Now you can comfortably hold books and school supplies for class boarding. Drag system has been revised for easy drag – ratings need. Especially required length has been increased compared with the previous, let’s just hand pull pupils to grade 5.

– Features: Type soft briefcase – drag removable
– Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 20 (cm), possible to A4 vertical or horizontal
– Weight not attached to: 0.80 kg; Need: 1:25 kg
– Tonnage containers: 5 kg; Max towing load: 15 kgf
– It can be folded and hand washing
– For elementary school students in grades 3 ~ 5
– Colors with 2 colors: Red – girls and blue – boys
– Warranty: 2 years
– Brand: Tomi
– Origin: Vietnam

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