Macat Innova 1S Bag

Macat Innova 1S Bag


  • Weight: 2.0Kg
  • Carbin air size: (50 x 27 x 30 cm)
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Travel Bags Fashion Macat Innova 1S

From Macat Innova product line 1 is replaced by the system should pull gently, and add more dynamic in Macat Innova product line 1S.

Unable unmistakable design was not based on the balance of the common travel bag which relies on gravity balance while moving. It is this shift in emphasis towards the bottom of the system combined with the need to drag and insole board made pretty solid stand bag when the bag up. This utility will help owners are hands-free and is not bent when holding the bag to move.

Still symmetrical design makes between two side pockets with two logo accents create soothing background 1680D fabric soft and sleek construction, create satisfaction for the discerning and even left-handed master.

With its 40 liter capacity including large deck with laptop compartment 15 “wide hips and two compartments containing enough luggage for travel or short-term work. And is convenient when you can bring on board the aircraft cabin is not too easy free baggage weight.

The main improvement in single-lock system with drag-standard press Namsao Trolley still make it hard and durable, even light weight, convenient and fashionable than the Innova type 1.

Round plastic base with soft garments directly to make sure the bottom will reduce noise when placed bags on a hard surface.

Customers can order additional TSA lock (transport security) when necessary.

The owner of the bag 1S Innova will feel confident and comfortable to use. Those who have used the products Macat Innova 1 are appreciated. Then in line 1S will be the enduring legacy of utility, fashion, and especially lighter than before. Sure to make you enjoy using.

There are two new colors to choose from: Blue Navy and gray, red and black exterior 2 as Innova 1.

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